Shakti Krupa Charitable Trust

Service to Mankind

Thanks Note

Shakti Krupa Charitable Trust extends its sincere gratitude to.

  • To all local, national, and international donors who have generously donated cash or in kind.
  • To all honored and respected consulting Doctors, Educators, and Friends who have donated their time in service.
  • To the Mota Fofalia village youth involved in providing voluntary services for medical camps, transporting patients, educating villagers, helping accident victims and assisting with other Institute activities.
  • To all voluntary blood donors.
  • To all neighboring and government institutions and their personnel who assisted with the progress of this service-oriented institution.
  • To journalist friends and the editorial boards of print and electronic media.
  • To various departments of the Government of Gujarat and the Government of India.

We would like to solemnly declare that the scope of our vision and mission is not limited to the areas described above. It is a continuous process that changes in accordance with the needs of the times. We are committed to discharging our obligations and responsibilities towards society by enabling citizens to achieve self-empowerment, to sow the seeds of their choice, and to nurture those seeds with care. As a result, it is our intent that they will enjoy collectively the fruits of their harvest.